Sustainability - because we care

Since the founding of Gourmet Navigator AG, it has been important to us to pay attention to sustainability in production and sales. We carefully select the manufacturers' products and help shape their development.

Cosmetics are always a global asset. Even so-called Swiss products can only be produced with global ingredients. SWISS COSMETICS is therefore not always to be taken literally. 95% of packaging comes from abroad.

We are dealing with our sustainability from us and our manufacturers. We also set the criteria for our product standards here.

All of our ingredients are never hormonally effective. These can be decomposed and degraded in normal sewage treatment plants. Sunscreens must be REEF SAFE and must not damage marine flora and fauna. We NEVER use nanoparticles in our products because we cannot filter them out of the water with today's methods and they can provoke unexplored effects in the bloodstream. We label all ingredients according to INCI of the international nomenclature. We do not use fancy names and marketing names or resolve them with INCI. We do not use microplastic in our products. All make-up products are biodegradable or of natural origin (minerals). Palm oil is mostly avoided. The only exception: Environ Skin Care is used from FCK cultivation. The use of perfumes is dispensed with in 95%. 5% of the products use natural fragrances which according to INCI have to be called perfume. 100% no artificial dyes.All products have been dermatologically tested. All products and ingredients are NEVER tested on animals. 80% of the products are vegan. Healing Earth even produces 100% vegan.

If available, we also offer large packs to consumers so that less packaging is created. Most primary packaging is made from recycled PVC. With these manufacturers even 98%:Jane Iredale, Healing Earth, Juliette Armand. All manufacturers use recycled cardboard boxes with water-soluble inks for secondary packaging.

Many manufacturers followed our advice and offer products WITHOUT box. This protects the environment and you can find the exact information on our website.
Plexi Glass is consistently dispensed with. Aluminum packaging was also abolished due to excessive energy consumption.

All import freight is compensated for CO2 at our expense. The most environmentally friendly way is chosen. The goods are stored at the Ancora Meilestei social foundation in Wetzikon. The goods are packed by employees of the foundation. Apprentices are trained. The packaging material is 99.5% recycled cardboard or paper. 0.05% is bubble wrap. Our suppliers use the same standards.

The boxes of the delivered goods are used 100% several times. On request, we collect all boxes from our customers for reuse. The dispatch takes place exclusively with the Swiss Post, since this maintains a public environmental balance. We always compensate for parcel shipping. No surcharge for the customer. We strive to keep the packs as small as possible in order to keep the environmental impact low.

All printed matter is produced in a CO2-compensated manner. It is only printed on FCK paper or, if available, on recycled paper. 100% water-soluble paints are used.

Any suggestions? Feedback? we are happy to answer your concerns regarding sustainability.


 responsible: Daniel Staeger, CEO, Gourmet Navigator AG, 8700 Kuesnacht, Switzerland

Update May 13, 2020